The Complete Collection

(almost) Every Dystopian Slut photo shoot. Thus far.

BARE - Tableau Vivant Redux

BARE – TVR. Classy, artistic, amusing debauchery

Two decades of Dystopian Debauchery

A curated photo collection of the parties, clubs, events and madness put on by Dystopian Studios

The Dystopian Slut galleries

The (almost) complete collection of Dystopian Slut photo shoots

Other Dystopian Slut Projects and Parties

Too much fun stuff

Witness to the Tableau Vivant

BARE- TVR is the home for Dystopian Slut events and spectacles

Requiem for the Proletariat

Alternative portrait and fashion art from Dystopian Slut

Bound Boudoir Photostudio

Be the star of your own private Dystopian Slut boudoir photo or video shoot!

Dispatches from the Front Lines

Compilation of Dystopian Studios/Dystopian Slut events including Chriskwanzakkah, Impulse, BARE and much more

Art of Bondage Workshops

An ongoing series of bondage and fetish photography workshops so you too can shoot like a Dystopian Slut


1. Relating to or denoting an imagined state or society where there is great suffering or injustice.
2. Our kind of fun
1. You. Me. All of us. 

What the hell is going on here at Dystopian Slut?

These are dark days of war, economic freefall, terror attacks, government oppression, plagues, bungling militias, stupefying bureaucracy, marauding ninjas, global pessimism, religious extremism, poorly composed heavy metal, peak oil, peak ignorance, nuclear proliferation, environmental collapse, zombified rodents, crop blight, irrationally angry old right wingnuts, cannibal communists, falling sky labs, poorly constructed Thunderdomes, revolting kindergarteners and inadequately fluoridated water. 

So what are we to do about it? 

Shoot kick ass photos fueled by pure awesomeness.  That’s what.

(and stockpile lots and lots of ammo and eyeliner.)

Who is “we?”

We are a collaborative group of artists under the direction of megalomaniacal hedonist Kevin Flint. We are always looking to create work that amuses us and entertains you.  Interested in modeling, MUAing, styling, or otherwise collaborating with us? Click a link below to find out more.


Models, MUAs, Stylists, Photographers, Riggers, Set/Prop Makers, producers... want to shoot or partner with us?

We have a lot of fun. Sometimes we all get paid for our work, sometimes it is just for fun with no pay (we would never ask collaborators for money, Dystopian Slut provides for location, wardrobe, props, equipment for TFP shoots.) Either way, our projects are always a great time to be a part of.

Looking for an awesome shoot location? Check out DYSTOPIAN STUDIOS in Los Angeles.

Featuring 2 amazing studio locations just north of Downtown Los Angeles. Dozens of backgounds, a masssive white cylorama wall and black void space, as well as a number of features that work great for fetish/kink/bondage photography including full suspension aerial hoists, multiple anchor points, and amazing furnishings.